Widget updates, new integrations, and bug fixes!

Happy Friday hotgluers! Here are the updates:

  • Added automatic validation of tokens for API-based sources in the widget. Beta support is now available for Mailshake and ActiveCampaign 🚀 
  • New version of hotglue-elements (0.0.15) with support for target flows
  • Added new widget options:
    • setting to disable breadcrumbs in widget
    • ability to specify helper text in markdown when using HotGlue.link
  • Updated the demo on our landing page!
  • New integrations have arrived
    • tap-clickup
    • tap-klaviyo
    • tap-dynamics
    • target-google-sheets
    • target-netsuite
  • Integration updates and bug fixes
    • target-queue-storage now supports parallelization even with smaller payloads to improve performance, and the log level has been fixed to avoid debug spam in job logs 🎉
    • target-ispolitical has been updated to support pushing payouts and refunds, and ISO 8601 date formats in payloads
    • tap-mixpanel has had several bug fixes to improve sync speeds and handle edge cases with malformed cohort members
    • tap-klaviyo patch to avoid throwing an error during discover step
    • tap-netsuite has been updated to support pulling inventory management data (SalesOrders, InventoryItems, PriceLevel, and more!)
    • target-intacct has been updated to support pushing department and location data with journal entries
    • target-shopify now supports pushing product variants and inventory quantities
  • Added new listeners to the widget
    • onTargetUnlinked
    • onWidgetOpen

Stay tuned for more updates next time 🍻