Sendinblue,, Iterable, and more!

Happy Friday hotgluers! Here are the updates:

  • Added ability to run multiple target jobs for one user concurrently! 🚀 
  • New integrations have arrived
    • tap-sendinblue allows you to pull lists, list members, and campaigns from Sendinblue!
    • tap-iterable
    • tap-blob-storage
    • tap-reviewsio allows you to pull merchant and product reviews from!
    • target-salesforce now allows you to push tasks directly to Salesforce!
    • target-woocommerce now allows you to push products directly to WooCommerce!
  • Integration updates and bug fixes
    • target-queue-storage has been updated to use multi-threading to handle larger payloads in less time 🎉
    • target-s3 now supports using SSE and allows users to set an ACL option
    • tap-googleads has been updated to use the new Google Ads API (instead of the older Adwords API, which has been deprecated by Google)
    • tap-netsuite has been updated to include internalId in payloads
    • tap-sftp has been updated to automatically detect encoding to support non UTF-8 encoded CSV files
    • tap-mixpanel has been updated with new error handling to catch unexpected responses from Mixpanel's API

Stay tuned for more updates next time 🍻