Revamped sidebar, new taps + bug fixes

Happy Wednesday hotgluers! Here are this week's updates:

  • New Sidebar
    Improved sidebar with better navigation + performance (plus, it looks better 👀)
  • Added support for tap Airtable, WooCommerce, and Blackbaud 🎉
  • Fixed issues with saving field map for tenants
  • Fixed bug in target-csv causing issues with validating floats
  • Added support for OAuth sources that also need user configured params
  • Added endpoint to toggle schedules for all tenants in a given environment
  • Removed table name requirement for Airtable target
  • Fixed errors causing schedule endpoint to fail
  • Bumped target Quickbooks version
  • Fixed bugs where Source page would overflow on smaller browser sizes
  • Bumped tap Chargebee version to support pulling currency_code
  • Switched to use the Data Mill Singer PostgreSQL target to handle creation of tables + columns automatically

Stay tuned for more updates next week 🍻