Multi-factor Auth, Facebook Ads, and more!

Happy Friday hotgluers! Here are the updates:

MFA Settings

  • You can now secure your account by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication in your Account Settings 🚀
  • Added filter to query exclusively for scheduled jobs
  • HubSpot target now supports calling discover to get available objects/fields (similar to sources)
  • New endpoint for creating/updating a tenant config, which is available during runtime of transformation scripts
  • Bug fixes
    • Bootstrap error in browser console resolved
    • Prevent invalid widget preferences from being saved
    • GET /tenants endpoint timeout issue resolved and performance improved
    • Updated widget to call onTargetLinked correctly – was causing issues in hotglue-elements
  • New integrations have arrived 🎉 
    • tap-facebook – currently supports pulling data from Facebook Ads
    • tap-amazon-advertising
    • tap-mailgun
    • tap-appsflyer
  • Integration updates and bug fixes
    • tap-cloud-storage bug fixed regarding local clone path
    • tap-omnisend schema issues resolved
    • tap-klaviyo now supports API key validation
    • tap-iterable now uses correct start_date formatting for querying users data
    • tap-chargebee now supports pulling exchange_rate from credit notes
    • target-netsuite now supports including customer in journal entries
    • target-shopify now supports incrementing inventory_level
    • target-hubspot now supports pushing contacts data

Stay tuned for more updates next time 🍻