Mixpanel, SFTP, and MySQL support + bug fixes

Happy Friday hotgluers! Here are the updates:

Updated Flow details page

  • Added support for tap Mixpanel and SFTP 🎉 – docs coming soon 📖
  • Added support for target MySQL 
  • Restructured the Flow details page to be more intuitive
  • Improved tenant search functionality
  • Enabled passing state data directly from hotglue API to a job
  • Fixed issue with clearing webhook settings in environment settings page
  • Fixed bugs with modifying sync schedules in job sync schedule page
  • Fixed error when starting multiple Jupyter workspaces for the same flow
  • hotglue-elements version 0.0.14 released 🚀
    • Improved load time on first open of Connections component

Stay tuned for more updates next time 🍻