Mailchimp & PagerDuty support + bug fixes

Happy Friday hotgluers! Here are this week's updates:

  • Added support for tap Mailchimp and PagerDuty 🎉 – docs coming soon 📖
  • Fixed issues when loading JupyterLab workspace from hotglue panel
  • hotglue widget now validates that required fields for API sources are filled (such as tap NetSuite and Chargebe)
  • Fixed bug on target Intacct that caused issues when a Currency was passed to a Journal entry
  • Fixed bug that allowed users to open errored environments
  • Updated field map interface to use the catalog for the selected tenant
  • hotglue-elements version 0.0.13 released 🚀
    • Fixed bug where clicking linked source would cause infinite loading until page refresh
    • Added ability to supply styleOverrides directly to the Connections component

Stay tuned for more updates next week 🍻