Introducing team members! 🚀

Happy Friday hotgluers! Here are the updates:

  • You can now invite your team members to join your hotglue organization! Find this option under Account Settings 🚀
  • Secret API Key is now available under your environment settings. Note: any requests from your backend should now be done using the secret API key, not the public API key.
  • Bug fixes
    • Stalled jobs (stuck in JOB_CREATED) are automatically handled
    • Toggle sync schedule endpoint timeout issue fixed
    • Failing scheduled job alert has been re-enabled
  • New integrations have arrived
    • tap-recurly
    • tap-omnisend
  • Integration updates and bug fixes
    • tap-googleads has been updated to support campaign_budget and invoices
    • tap-sftp has been updated to parallelize processing of files and fixed hitting TooManyFilesError
    • tap-dynamics has been updated to allow deselecting fields and use org parameter rather than full domain
    • tap-salesforce now avoids holding ListView data in memory during execution
    • target-salesforce now supports pushing any objects (including custom data), and allows for updating objects using an external ID
    • target-quickbooks now supports pushing invoices
    • target-queue-storage bug fixed causing issues with processing payloads with less than 512 entries
    • tap-procore now supports pulling Purchase Orders
    • tap-netsuite now supports pulling Purchase Orders
    • target-xero now supports pushing Journal Entries with configurable department and location fields
    • target-netsuite now supports pushing Journal Entries with department and location fields
    • target-shopify now supports posting updates to inventory_level

Stay tuned for more updates next time 🍻