February Update - new integrations, CLI, and more!

Hey hotgluers! Here are the updates:


We have a lot of new fantastic features and improvements that we rolled out this month. Here they are:
  • The first edition of the hotglue CLI
  • Improved speed and stability of registration flow
  • Added a personal API key on an account level
  • Added support for creating symlinks across tenants
  • Added allowing tenants to change field map in the widget
  • Added support for larger job history list
  • Updated our integrations pages
  • Improved stability of provisioning jobs (less stalled jobs)
  • Added the ability to filter flows shown in hotglue-elements React component
  • Added an endpoint to apply a new sync schedule for all tenants using a flow

We also have 22 new integrations 🎉 

  • Travefy tap
  • Travefy target
  • Auth0 tap
  • Cognito tap
  • Cin7 tap
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central tap
  • Firebase Auth tap
  • Firestore tap
  • Firestore target
  • Gambio tap
  • Linear tap
  • Magento tap
  • MongoDB tap
  • MongoDB target
  • Ongoing WMS tap
  • Postgres tap
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud tap
  • SFTP Files tap
  • Shoplazza tap
  • Shoptet tap
  • Zoho CRM tap
  • Zoom tap

Integration updates and bug fixes

  • tap-stripe - added support payment intents
  • tap-netsuite - fixed a bug with the incremental syncing
  • tap-prestashop - fixed a bug with the schema
  • tap-reviewsio - fixed a bug with the schemas
  • tap-shop - updated handling for rate limits
  • target-bigquery - added support for incremental updates
  • target-postgres - added support for setting a primary key
  • tap-salesforce - enabled for sandbox accounts
  • tap-mixpanel - fixed a bug regarding ignoring malformed records from their api

Stay tuned for more updates next time 🍻