Bug fixes, JIRA source, and HubSpot + SFTP targets

Happy Friday and Happy New Year hotgluers! Here are the updates:

  • You can now modify your notification preferences! Toggle updates on environment creation and scheduled job failures under Account Settings 🚀
  • Added count query param to get jobs endpoint to allow retrieving full job history
  • Bug fixes
    • Issues when adding/editing supported targets in hotglue panel fixed
    • Prevent invalid state.json files from being used by future jobs (discovered with tap-klaviyo)
  • New integrations have arrived
    • target-hubspot – currently supports pushing engagements and contacts to HubSpot
    • target-sftp
    • tap-jira
  • Integration updates and bug fixes
    • tap-netsuite bug fixes:
      • Item rate schema fixed
      • handle malformed search results (ignore malformed pages)
      • empty data error resolved
    • tap-sftp now supports delete_after_sync option which automatically purges files from remote server after sync is completed
    • tap-shopify now supports pulling shop data and orders in transit
    • target-netsuiteupdates:
      • bug with retry warning causing errors in job fixed
      • support for manually passing subsidiary field
      • remove case sensitivity for posting type
    • target-intacct issues with case sensitive posting type and rounding errors fixed
    • target-shopify now supports updating inventory_level

Stay tuned for more updates next time 🍻