Mixpanel, SFTP, and MySQL support + bug fixes

Happy Friday hotgluers! Here are the updates:

Updated Flow details page

  • Added support for tap Mixpanel and SFTP 🎉 – docs coming soon 📖
  • Added support for target MySQL 
  • Restructured the Flow details page to be more intuitive
  • Improved tenant search functionality
  • Enabled passing state data directly from hotglue API to a job
  • Fixed issue with clearing webhook settings in environment settings page
  • Fixed bugs with modifying sync schedules in job sync schedule page
  • Fixed error when starting multiple Jupyter workspaces for the same flow
  • hotglue-elements version 0.0.14 released 🚀
    • Improved load time on first open of Connections component

Stay tuned for more updates next time 🍻

Revamped sidebar, new taps + bug fixes

Happy Wednesday hotgluers! Here are this week's updates:

  • New Sidebar
    Improved sidebar with better navigation + performance (plus, it looks better 👀)
  • Added support for tap Airtable, WooCommerce, and Blackbaud 🎉
  • Fixed issues with saving field map for tenants
  • Fixed bug in target-csv causing issues with validating floats
  • Added support for OAuth sources that also need user configured params
  • Added endpoint to toggle schedules for all tenants in a given environment
  • Removed table name requirement for Airtable target
  • Fixed errors causing schedule endpoint to fail
  • Bumped target Quickbooks version
  • Fixed bugs where Source page would overflow on smaller browser sizes
  • Bumped tap Chargebee version to support pulling currency_code
  • Switched to use the Data Mill Singer PostgreSQL target to handle creation of tables + columns automatically

Stay tuned for more updates next week 🍻 

Mailchimp & PagerDuty support + bug fixes

Happy Friday hotgluers! Here are this week's updates:

  • Added support for tap Mailchimp and PagerDuty 🎉 – docs coming soon 📖
  • Fixed issues when loading JupyterLab workspace from hotglue panel
  • hotglue widget now validates that required fields for API sources are filled (such as tap NetSuite and Chargebe)
  • Fixed bug on target Intacct that caused issues when a Currency was passed to a Journal entry
  • Fixed bug that allowed users to open errored environments
  • Updated field map interface to use the catalog for the selected tenant
  • hotglue-elements version 0.0.13 released 🚀
    • Fixed bug where clicking linked source would cause infinite loading until page refresh
    • Added ability to supply styleOverrides directly to the Connections component

Stay tuned for more updates next week 🍻 

Recipes, UX updates, new sources, and more! 🚀

Hey hotgluers! We've been super busy over the last few weeks, and we're excited to share our updates!

Recipes 👩‍🍳

Many users have benefited from having a starting point when creating a new integration. To that end, we're excited to announce a brand new recipes feature!

When you head into the settings page for certain sources, you'll find a new recipes section which allows you to use one of our prebuilt configurations. Currently, recipes include pulling contacts and contact lists from CRMs like Salesforce, and pulling tickets/issues from systems like Asana and GitHub.

You can check out a short demo of this feature below!

Outside of that, here are all the updates:

  • HackerNews launch with open sign up
  • Recipes for CRMs (Salesforce, HubSpot) and Issue Systems (GitHub, GitLab), with more coming! 👩‍🍳 
  • Major UX overhaul including:
    • Updated field map interface with performance improvements and emphasis on search
      • Catalog of available objects from each source, now allows you to browse the entire selection directly from hotglue!
      • Field editor on each object is now searchable and easier to navigate
    • Sources page is now segmented into specific categories, and has many performance improvements
  • Added support for tap GitHub and ActiveCampaign 🎉 – with many more integrations on the way
  • Bug fixes on target Xero
  • Updated onboarding process for new users

Stay tuned for more updates next week! 🍻 

Airtable, Google Sheets support + misc bug fixes

Happy Friday hotgluers! Here are this week's updates:

  • Added support for target Airtable 🎉 – you can now push data directly to an Airtable base/table. Check out the open source Singer target on GitHub
  • Added support for tap Google Sheets – you can now sync data from a Google Sheet! Docs coming soon 📖 
  • Added support for variables in the dataset ID for target BigQuery – similar to path prefixes in target S3/Cloud Storage/Blob Storage (ex. {tenant_id}, {flow_id})
  • hotglue-elements version 0.0.11 released 🚀
    • When user clicks source, a loading icon is shown to let them know the hotglue widget is loading (load time improvements are in the works)
    • Allow styling the loading container
    • Added listeners for onPopupClose and onWidgetClose
  • Fixed bug where failing to link a testing OAuth source in the admin panel showed the error as [Object] object instead of displaying the real error
  • Fixed wrong API error code being sent (500 instead of 400) on BadRequest

Stay tuned for more updates next week 🍻 

BigQuery support, bug fixes, and improvements

Happy Friday hotgluers! 🚀

This week we've got a few updates to share:

  • Added support for tap BigQuery and target BigQuery 🎉
  • Procore tap now supports syncing from the root project directory
  • Added trial counter for new users so they can upgrade from within hotglue
  • Fixed bug where changing the OAuth tokens for a source reset the Python script being used
  • Fixed bug causing default environment to error on registration
  • Updated verification email formatting 🔥
  • Fixed bug with preload option in hotglue widget
  • Added ability to consume JWT token in widget to edit secret configs (ie. API keys for sources like Chargebee)

Stay tuned for more updates coming in the next few weeks! 🍻 

New taps + bug fixes

Happy Friday hotgluers!

I'd love to share some improvements made over the last week:

  • Support for secret API key that has permission to retrieve secret data (like client_secret configuration for a source)
  • Fixed issue with  hotglue-elements on some browsers where the React element didn't wait for the hotglue widget to be present in the DOM before mounting
  • Fixed bug with JupyterLab workspaces allowing users to connect before they had booted
  • Fixed bug requiring users to refresh to see new sources in a flow in the new job dialog
  • Fixed bug with launching new jobs for tenants via the dialog
  • Fixed bug loading configured flow targets that showed the list of all targets first 
  • Both tap NetSuite and tap Pipedrive are out of beta! 🎉 
  • Added support for tap GitLab
  • Procore tap has been updated to include project_id metadata in each substream

General improvements

Happy Tuesday hotgluers!

We're making an effort to be more transparent with our users regarding changes to the product and how things are going at hotglue!

To that end, I'd love to share some improvements made over the last week:

  • The Sources page is now categorized into several types of sources: Accounting, Sales & CRM, Marketing, Billing, Analytics, and more 🎉 
  • Switching to a tenant view now shows a hovering alert to be more apparent than updating the header (where environment name is shown)
  • Typed + required fields are now supported in the hotglue widget for API sources
  • Quickbooks, and Xero targets have been updated to automatically rollback failed Journal Entry postings
  • HubSpot tap updated to allow fetching companies_properties
  • Job download artifacts will now include Singer tap information, to enable local reproduction of issues (catalog.json, fieldMap.json)

Stay tuned for more updates soon! 🚀